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The wonder of softness. CashFur is an original interpretation of cashmere, a signature Loro Piana material. Swathes of ethereal, finest fibers are selected in slender ribbons, and pulled by artisans before being crafted on circular knitting looms. The fur-like consistency is a tribute to the purity of cashmere, floating with cloudy serenity.


In good hands

The noblest fibers are selected for CashFur, and skillfully worked to create delicate ribbons, joined to an equally thin thread. This indulgence of cashmere, with a hint of silk, crafted on looms that accentuate its softness.


Labour of love

Artisans blend a gentle but precise touch with years of experience to create a wave of softness. The exquisite material rolls off the loom with natural lightness, and a warm, enveloping colour.


Precision crafted

The fabric is meticulously cut, and overstitched to ensure a flat and secure seam. Loro Piana’s touch and savoir-faire ensures an immaculacy in detailing.


Fluffy perfection

Loro Piana icons find levity in cloudy CashFur. Playful engineering and a shearing of the hair enhances the softness, to ensure the smoothest surface with an evenly cut and tactile finish.